mardi 10 mai 2016

World War 3 explained: summary

In my previous blog, I have studied the past. In this one, I am going to study the future. The future that Jewish leaders (or the illuminatis, it's the same thing in fact) prepare for us.

And this future will be a third world war.

Many people begin to understand that there will be a third world war. But, in my humble opinion, very few people understand the real plan and the real reasons behind it. And of course, many Intel agents make blogs or videos about it, in order to create confusion and obfuscate those real reasons.

In my opinion, the goal of the third world war will be to extend the territory of Israel and to give even more power to Jewish leaders.

Jewish leaders could extend the frontier of Israel right now. They have all the power required to do this. But, it would show too clearly who the boss is. And Israel would appear as the bad guy. People would always say that the Greater Israel is illegitimate. And it seems Jewish leaders want people to approve the Israel extension.

They could also force people to accept even more violations of their rights. It happens already. But they need catastrophic events in order to make people accept them on the long term.

In order to achieve those goals they need a third world war.

This third world war will oppose white European people and Arabs (in fact, Arabs and Blacks). As Israel will also fight Arabs, Israelis will become our allies and even our friends. Thus, European people will applaud to the enlargement of Israel, and also to everything that Israel does.

And of course with those catastrophic events, people will accept numerous violations of their present rights, even long ago after the war.

The problem Jewish leaders face is Europe is much much more powerful, military speaking, than Arabs countries. So, if the war was only "European countries vs. Arabs countries", the war would be finished in one month. Thus, World War III would look ridiculous. And Jewish leaders don't want that.

In order to have a credible World War III, Jewish leaders need to have two sides of the same force. So, the idea is to get tons of Arabs and black people to come to Europe. Then, when there will be enough of them (let's say 35 or 45 % of the population of certain European countries), with the help of 10 or 20 % of European people, there will be two sides of the same force. At this moment, Jewish leaders will trigger a European civil war (and also a war between some European countries and some Muslim countries).

At the beginning, white European people will lose. After, they will win. White people will finally prevail. Then, almost all Arabs and black people leaving in Europe will be either killed or deported to Africa and Middle-East. 

As Israel will have participated to the war on the white European side, it will be granted new territories and the Greater Israel will become a reality. And, what's best, it will be with the approval of all white goyims.

This is why Jewish leaders have got Arabs and black people to come to Europe en masse since the 60's. This is why it was nearly forbidden to criticize even slightly Arabs and Blacks during the 80's and the 90's. And this is why, suddenly, newspapers and other media have begun to talk almost every day about the Islamic menace since the beginning of the 2000's; and this, while keeping importing tons of Arabs and black people in Europe (the critical mass hasn't been reached). They needed to start their propaganda campaign against Arabs before reaching the critical mass of Arabs and Blacks in Europe.

One thing which is not understood correctly is the real reason of the rise of the sexual perversion and satanic circus in Western countries. With the present explanation, you can understand it.

As Jewish leaders like to have two very opposed sides (democracies against empires for WWI, democracies and communism against Nazism and Fascism for WWII) there will be the same thing during World War 3. Thus, you will have on one side, Arabs fundamentalist Muslims, and on the other side, sexually perverted white democrats, an explosive situation.

They also need Arabs to have a strong reason to fight against white European people. Of course, you could have Arabs becoming too tyrannical against white people. But, as you have seen it, Arabs and black people won't represent more than 40-45 % of the population. Thus, it will be probably difficult to have them dominating completely white people.

With white people representing everything Arabs Muslims abhor, and vice versa, a racial civil war full of hate will be able to take place. Perverted white people will be the incarnation of evil for Arabs and black Muslims. And Arabs and black Muslims will be the incarnation of obscurantism and violence for white people.

This is why Jewish leaders don't stop promoting sexual perversion in Western countries and also make a more and more obvious promotion of Satanism.

There is also the case of white people who will be more or less on the Arab side. This group will consist of people rejecting all those sexual and moral perversions of Western societies. There will be Christian among them. There will be just normal people. There will also be a lot of people believing in conspiracy theories. Jewish leaders will push them to believe that all this Satanism and sexual perversion is the sign of the coming of the Antichrist. This is why you have all those sites about Satanism and perversion promotion in the music, movie, etc.., industry. They are almost all made by Intel agencies like CIA, MI6, Mossad, etc... What they say is partially true. But they don't give the real reason behind all this.

As the "perverted" white side will win, Jewish leaders will be able to eliminate a lot of people believing in conspiracy theories. And they will be able to forbid those theories after the war. Conspiracy theorists will appear as very dangerous people, and also traitors. So, ordinary people will completely agree with this decision. Jewish leaders will thus be able to get rid of this dangerous subversive group (dangerous for them of course) for quite a long time (maybe something like 40 or 50 years).

I can be wrong, but, as it will be useless after the war, I think this satanic theatre won't be promoted anymore by Jewish leaders. Same thing for the sexual perversion. They need slaves, not idlers fucking all the time. And slavery don't accommodate very well with Satanism. It accommodates much more with obedient people believing in a benevolent God.

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