lundi 16 mai 2016

Split countries and the plan of Jewish leaders for WWIII

With the theory that Jewish leaders are organizing events to get a third world war, we can understand another thing. Splits of countries or threats of them are a part of the Jewish leaders plan for World War III.

For the extension of Israel borders, Jewish leaders need a split of Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, that is, a balkanization of the Middle-East. If they were the only countries enduring that, it could seem suspect. But if many other countries follow the same path, such a thing will appear as normal to the general public. So, Jewish leaders need to have other countries being split or under threat of being split.

This is, among other reasons, why Ukraine has been separated from Russia. This is why you have stories talking about tensions in Belgium which could lead to a separation between the French and the Netherland side. You also have threats of division about Turkey from the Kurdish side. In Spain, you regularly have stories about Catalonia wanting to be independent. You also had this referendum about the independence of Scotland in 2014. The Brexit (UK leaving Europe) threat is another form of that kind of break up.
Of course, most separations will have other goals than that. Jewish leaders like to attain several objectives with the same event. But one of the goals is that.

It goes without saying that Jewish leaders don't rely only on this to make the balkanization of the Middle-East appear as normal. They also spread intensely the idea that Middle-East is a powder keg, with lots of ethnic groups and Muslims tendencies (Sunnis, Shia…), etc… which implies that separatist tendencies are normal.

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