mercredi 4 août 2021

Covid19 and World War III


At the beginning of the covid19 case, I quickly saw the most obvious goals of the elite. Namely:

  • To continue to maintain the fear of microbial diseases.
  • Introduce even more tyrannical laws
  • Sell a vaccine
  • Justify a drop in the stock market, then a rise in it

But well, it was the run of the mill regarding conspirationism. So, it wasn't very exciting.

But in the last few months, some interesting developments have taken place.

All of a sudden, there was negative information about vaccines that came out in the official media. Normally, such a thing should never have happened. The rule in the mainstream media is not to talk about dissident information, except possibly to challenge it.

So, suddenly, we can understand other, more important purposes of the case for the elite.


Note: regarding the medical aspect of the case, I consider that the covid19 virus does not exist and that no virus exists. And the epidemic is obviously completely bogus. The deaths were stolen from other diseases or caused by the doctors. I won't go into that because it's obvious to advanced conspiracy theorists. And quite a few sites have studied the problem. It's the political side that is interesting to analyze in this case.


Note 2 : here is the french version of this text, in pdf.



1) Increasing the number of conspirationists and strengthening the opposition between conspirationists and non-conspirationists


As we have seen in this blog, World War III will oppose the "anti-illuminati/Muslim" conspirationist camp to the "ordinary people/nationalists" camp. For that to happen, the conspirationist camp has to become important. At present, it is still a small group. So the elite must bring many people to conspirationism by making it more mainstream. If only sites labeled as conspirationists disseminate information of this kind, the movement will remain embryonic. Therefore, in order to develop it, the official media and even the governments must become relays of conspirationism. 

So, the different information spread in the official media questioning the safety of this or that vaccine will allow the conspirationist camp to be reinforced. The same goes for certain governmental decisions. This brings the anti-vaccine movement, and therefore the conspirationist movement, out of its marginality.

It will also create an additional source of opposition between the two camps. The conspirationists will refuse the vaccine, and as a result, the "normal people" will resent them and consider them dangerous. After all the restrictions and the relatives who died or got sick from the covid, it will seem unacceptable to them that people refuse the vaccine.

On the other hand, tyrannical measures will be taken against those who refuse the vaccine, which will lead to strong opposition from the conspirationists. Opposition against the government, but also against the people who approve of the government.

So, it's going to escalate on both sides.


Here are some examples of the information that has appeared in the official media.

After the introduction of the first vaccines, the newspapers started to talk about the side effects. Before, they hardly ever did so. For example, an article in Futura Science on March 3, 2021 was entitled "Vaccines against Covid-19: the true and false of side effects". An article in Femme Actuelle on March 2, 2021 was titled "Side effects, how to get vaccinated: everything you need to know about the Covid-19 vaccine". Another on Marie-Claire of February 25, 2021: "Covid-19: what possible side effects with AstraZeneca's vaccine?". And there were dozens of them in the mainstream newspapers. There was even a government portal in France for reporting side effects for anti-covid vaccines. The portal was widely publicized at the time of its creation. This is something that, to all appearances, had never been done before for vaccines. This is presented as a sign of openness. But in reality, it is to favor the opposition between pro and anti vaccines. If even the government recognizes that there are side effects, it obviously does not encourage confidence in the safety of the vaccine.

It is done with subtleties of course. It is meant to be reassuring, but the elite knows that the simple fact of talking about side effects will push many people towards a beginning of questioning, and thus a beginning of conspirationism. That's why the rule, until now, was not to talk about it, except sometimes, to make people who question the harmlessness of vaccines feel guilty to death.

And it worked well. The general public was totally in line with the official word. And those who questioned the safety of vaccines were considered by almost everyone as conspirationist nuts. Now, all of a sudden, by publishing articles everywhere about the dangers of this or that anti-covid vaccine, this conspirationism is spreading to a part of the general public, feeding the anti-illuminati camp with future troops.

And the dangerousness of some of these vaccines has been magnificently confirmed by the withdrawal of the AstraZeneca vaccine from 11 countries in Europe in early March 2021. If that doesn't confirm the conspirationist narrative, what does?

Why would governments that are known to be entirely in favor of the elite introduce a vaccine and then withdraw it? On the face of it, it doesn't make sense. Unless it was planned from the start and the reason for this action was to develop the conspirationist clan by gradually pushing a part of the ordinary people towards this movement.

And the fact that the vaccines were released in a very short time also led to doubts about their safety. This too was intentional.

Also, the story that some of the vaccines are of a new kind, with RNA, was specifically designed to worry ordinary people about possible side effects. And this is also exploited on the conspirationist side to make people believe that it will cause mutations.


Regarding the anti-democratic measures, there has been the obligation to wear masks in the open air and in meeting places. The same goes for the confinement and the curfew. But most people didn't mind because they knew it was temporary.

But, more importantly, we now have the vaccine or health pass. This too will create a major source of opposition between ordinary people and the skeptics. It is either an infringement of the freedom to dispose of your own body, or an infringement of the freedom of movement and the freedom of assembly. And in any case, it is an attack on the equality of citizens, a real health apartheid. And it looks like it's going to be around for quite a while. So there's really something to push the pro and the anti against each other.

In any case, on the one hand, we have official information that makes many ordinary people become conspirationist, and that makes those who were already conspirationist become even more so. We also have dictatorial measures that lead a part of the population to revolt and push them towards conspirationism. And on the other hand, we have ordinary people who are being panicked and turned against conspirationists. This will be one more source of opposition between the two camps that will face each other in the third world war.


We also understand why there were 3 waves, the containment and the various variants of the so-called virus. This was necessary to impose the idea of a health pass. If there had been only one wave, a large part of the population would have been against it. If there had not been the containment and therefore the catastrophe of the blocking of the economy for a long time, it would have been the same thing. And if there had not been the threat that the situation would continue because of the variants, ditto. All of this has helped to put the population in the right psychological situation to accept the health pass, that is to say, the new restriction of freedom that will participate in the opposition between the pro and the anti.


samedi 30 janvier 2021

The presidential election of 2020 and the future civil war in the USA

With the turmoil of the current presidential election, I'm beginning to understand how the elite will set up civil war in America. Now that things are settling down, it's becoming pretty clear.

Until now, it wasn't. Given the very cordial side of American political life, one wondered where a possible civil war could come from.

The fact that Trump was a kind of populist was clearly a first step towards a more anti-immigrant state. But it didn't say much about how a civil war would develop in the future.

And he was more of an American-style populist, that is a rather soft one. And the American economy seemed to have improved under Trump. And when the economy is doing well, it's harder to introduce political tensions. So, there was apparently still no reason for the US to go to civil war. The elements that could trigger it seemed to happen in the future and therefore were still unknown for the time being.


But with what is happening now, a pattern is taking shape.

Indeed, during the presidential campaign, there was a very strong increase in tension between Democrats and Republicans. Until now, the American elections have been a tennis match between gentlemen in white suits. Everything was played with total fairplay and everyone respected each other. All of a sudden, in each camp, there was a demonization of the other camp that had never been seen before in American political life. You almost had the impression of being in France when an election opposes the RN (ex-FN) to another party.

Why this demonization of each camp?

Let's look first at the Democrat side.

First, the anti-immigrant nationalists are on Trump's side. And Trump has clearly been on this line, with the construction of the wall on the Mexican border. So, for the democrats, the Trumpist camp is composed of racists. Not Nazis, but not far away.

Trump also questioned the theory of global warming, something that has become almost a religion in the Democrat camp. And Trump's voters are following him down that road. In a concrete way, Trump pushed for the development of shale gas. He questioned the Paris climate agreements. So, for the Democrats, Trump is a public danger that threatens the planet.

Now let's look at the Republican side.

For some time now (2 or 3 years), anti-illuminati conspirationists has been on Trump's side, and Democrat politicians are considered by a small but growing number of Republicans to be the devil's representatives on earth. For them, Democrats are illuminati agents whose plan is to create an evil dystopian society, or even to bring the devil and his demons to earth.

And even without going that far, many Republicans totally reject the society that the Democrats want to impose, where homosexuality, ultra-feminism, political correctness and therefore censorship, mass surveillance, euthanasia, idiocracy, etc.., are promoted in a practically dictatorial way. It is indeed a real daily mass propaganda that is made in the media on these themes. Thus, even without the evocation of supernatural occult forces, the Democrat camp seems to be leading America towards a dystopia for a good part of the Republicans.

The two camps thus have more and more valid reasons to hate each other. And you can count on the elite-paid agitators to continue to heat up the minds at boiling point.


mercredi 26 février 2020

Race Mixing as a Racist Pro-White Project

With the plan of mass immigration and promotion of race mixing currently being imposed by the elite in the West, there is a very significant increase in the number of black/white and Arab/white mixed-race people in Europe and black/white and Latino/white in America.

One wonders what will happen to all these mestizos after the 3rd World War. Will the elite simply exterminate them? At first glance, I don't think so. Maybe some of them will disappear during the war. But most of them should survive.

In my opinion, the elite will expel them to Africa. They'll use this to partially whitewash this continent. Then they'll be able to bring in more and more white people.

So, in fact, the current race-mixing trend serves the elite's racist pro-white agenda.

The people who are currently mixing are convinced that by doing so, they're using the ultimate weapon against racism. But in reality, the exact opposite is happening. Instead, they are serving white supremacism. What an irony.

Thus, it strongly suggests that the next part of the world to undergo the racist project of the elite will be Africa. It makes sense to me. Once they've whitewashed North America and the Middle East, the elite obviously won't stop there. And the next few targets are not many. It's either Asia, India, Africa or South America. And since Africa is closer and poses a greater threat to the integrity of the white race than Asia and South America, it is likely that it will be the focus of the next elite whitening plan.

Perhaps it will be Africa and South America. Indeed, one wonders what will become of the mixed-race Latinos in America. But, as Africa is a big chunk, the elite will probably focus mainly on that continent. In that case, perhaps some of the Latinos in question will go to South America and some to Africa. We shall see.

All this will take time, probably 200 years or more. So, in addition to predicting what will happen in the next 70 years, we can foresee approximately what will happen in the next 200 or 300 years. If my analysis is correct, of course.


And the Africans will not be able to refuse these immigrants, since they will be partly racial brothers, who are moreover attached to African culture. So how to say no to their coming? And in any case, Africans will have no choice. Here as elsewhere, it is the elite who decide and the people who obey.

We can think that some of the whites who will have allied themselves with the blacks and Arabs in Europe will also be expelled to Africa. As a result, they will help to whiten this continent a little more. The elite will probably make sure that a substantial part of them will not assimilate, which will allow the first white colonies to be established there. So these people, who will be among the most anti-racist, will be forced to serve a totally racist project. Furthermore, the elite will manage to make their children become more and more racist over the generations so that they will approve of the white colonization project.

That's what happened in Israel. Those who arrived in the 1930s and 1940s were mostly anti-racist and anti-xenophobic. And now, a lot of their grandchildren are xenophobes, or even uninhibited racists. A number of these elders must be disgusted with what has become of their people. And some of them are letting it be known. But they're out of touch. They are people of the past. As their xenophobic or racist grandchildren will become when they are no longer needed by the elite.

It's the same with the communists. They saw themselves as the future of the world in the post-wwII years, then they became totally old-fashioned and their ideas rejected by their children once the elite no longer needed communism. Among the people of this generation, the most adaptable/opportunistic evolved, people of conviction and psychorigids continued to believe in it and became relics of the past.


It is possible that the elite use Asian immigration to Africa to justify European intervention. They will make Asians act obnoxious against Africans. As a result, Africans will be more than happy to welcome white people back. In addition, if African countries accept mass Asian immigration, they will find it difficult to justify refusing mass European immigration. But well, this is a prediction based on the growing influence of the Chinese in Africa that is currently underway. But over the next 200 years, that could very well change and this hypothesis could become obsolete.


And regarding the colonization of Africa by white people after WWIII, the birth rate won't be a problem. At that point, the elite will ensure that the white one increase sharply, while the black one collapse. As a result, the migration balance will turn in favor of whites in Africa and eventually South America. But this time, there will be no turning back. At the end of the process, there will be no blacks at all and very few Latinos.

mardi 21 janvier 2020

Historical revisionism was a creation of the elite

I became interested in revisionism in the late 1980s. And especially from 1990, when the Fabius-Gayssot law, which banned revisionist opinions, was passed in France. Of course, from that date on, I was convinced that the revisionists were right. If a government bans an opinion so hysterically, it is most certainly true. But finding books on the subject was almost impossible because of the ban. As a result, I was only able to discover revisionist writings in 1996, through the Internet, by going to the famous Aaargh site. And from the very first articles, I received confirmation that the Holocaust was a pure invention.

Of course, this very quickly led me to become interested in the career of the most famous revisionists, including Faurisson. From the outset, two or three things made me slightly twitch. At the time, not being in the extreme conspiracy, I let pass this strange information. But as I became more and more conspirationist, and thinking back on this information a few years ago, I had more and more doubts. Especially since I had discovered in the early 2000s that many of the new stars of revisionism were in fact agents.

Over the last 3 or 4 years, I began to think that the first dissident movements had probably been set up by the authorities to launch conspirationnism among the masses. There, I began to think that revisionism was one of these movements.

But since I did not see too much use for revisionism for the masters of the world outside of that, since I was thinking about other things and since Faurisson was still a monument in my mind, I had left it at that; even if my doubts were becoming more and more important.

But, since I understood, a few months ago, that the Israel project must be a racist pro-white project and that a large part of the Jews of the diaspora will most likely be deported to Israel before and during World War III, there, the role of revisionism, in addition to participating in the rise of the conspirationnist movement, became very clear to me. Its primary goal was to raise "anti-Semitism" in order to send Jews from the diaspora to Israel. It confirmed that revisionism was indeed a project of the elite.

This was very difficult to understand for a very long time as also because, until about 10 years ago, the revisionist movement remained a niche trend, something known only to a few ultra-conspirationnists. So it was hard to think that it could be of any use to the elite in any way. It's only in the last few years that we feel that revisionism is starting to come out of its ghetto and that we can glimpse its role.

And of course, the Fabius-Gayssot law in France was created on purpose to advertise revisionism. It was not made to bury it, but to spread it. A law that prohibits a historical research movement is a clear signal that this movement is right and that the government is trying to hide the truth. Once again, for 30 years, the true purpose of this law did not emerge, because revisionism has remained a small group. Thus, the situation was consistent with the apparent purpose of this law, namely, to destroy revisionism. But it's getting clear, now that revisionism is becoming more widespread, that the aim was actually to propagate it. It just took 20 years for it to become clear. The operation was meant to act with delay. So the real goal was unsuspected.

And the development of revisionism will increase anti-Semitism. Revisionists have been viciously persecuted for decades. Most Western countries have enacted anti-revisionist laws and others to combat anti-Semitism. Obviously, in the minds of people who have understood the scam of the holocaust will grow the idea that the Jews control the world and that they are truly ruthless and obnoxious tyrants. And it's not just revisionism that's used for that. There are also many revelations made elsewhere about Jewish power. Many Jewish-critical leaders have also been martyred. Jews are more and more associated with Satanism, the migration invasion, etc... In short, the evidence on the existence of occult Jewish power and on its odious and destructive character is accumulating, all provided by the elite in reality. On this basis, the elite will be able to justify the coming to power of anti-Jewish political movements (an alliance of Muslims, leftists and conspirationists), and then the expulsion of some or all European Jews to Israel (and even American ones). This will ensure that there will be enough people to colonize the greater Israel that will be created around World War III. And after the greater Israel, will come the colonization of the whole Middle East by the whites.


That's why the extermination evidence is ridiculous on every level. It's because the elite wanted some people to understand that it was a scam.

If the elite had wanted the Holocaust to look real, they would have had no problem making it look like that. As Hitler was an agent of the elite, he would then have ordered his secret service to produce thousands of false documents to prove that an extermination project was being carried out. The German authorities could have put thousands of bodies of German and Russian soldiers killed in combat in pits near concentration camps; and even civilians dead in hospitals and without families. They could have made private videos of Hitler declaring his extermination intentions to his trusted ministers. All this would have been "discovered" by totally "independent" observers. And then no one could have doubted the reality of the Holocaust. If the elite did not do this, it was because they wanted people to realize the deception as soon as they looked closely at the evidence of the Holocaust. They wanted the lie of the Shoah to be exposed and that many people end up no longer believing it.

It's like the Islamist attacks right now, they have to be staged and the deception often has to be completely grotesque for many people to understand that it is all false and to switch to the conspirationist side.

 In fact, even assuming that Hitler was not an agent of the elite, it would have been possible for the victors to create false documents, to have apparently reliable, credible and neutral witnesses, and thus to produce seemingly irrefutable evidence. If they did not do so, it is because they wanted us to find out that this holocaust story is bogus. And, of course, since it wasn't ordinary people who were going to dare to ask these questions, they put agents to do the job. In any case, the elite obviously would not have wanted ordinary people to question the lie. It could have been dangerous, because they could have asked themselves embarrassing questions (as I do now). So it had to be agents who did the job.

As the document is very long, i put it here in PDF format. And since the translation will take some times, I put it here first in french. The english version will follow.

Robert Faurisson, très probablement un agent V.2


October 21, 2020. Finally, I have translated the text in English:


Robert Faurisson, most probably an agent

During the translation, I have heavily modified two subparts of the document (thus de second version of the french text). The one about the attacks of Faurisson (subpart 1.10.3 "Details and thoughts about the attacks"), and the one in appendix 8 (A. 8.6: The problem of developing revisionism 2.0 in the USA in the 45-70s).

samedi 16 novembre 2019

The march against islamophobia, in France

On Sunday 10 November 2019, a march against Islamophobia was organized in France in Paris. It gathered 13,500 people.

It is an interesting event to analyze.

Indeed, we have seen on this blog that in France, the elite will bring to power a coalition of Muslims and conspirationists.

We can think that this is one of the first concrete steps towards the constitution of a Muslim political movement in France. It starts with a march against Islamophobia, then leaders will emerge. And these leaders, after having gone through occasional actions to fight Islamophobia, will start to form organizations against Islamophobia, then they or new leaders will create Muslim parties, first to defend their rights, then to impose Islam in France.

It can be noted here that the Islamophobia promoted for many years in the media will thus have a double utility for the elite. It will continue to excite the white world against Islam, as it has done for more than 15 years. But we can see here that it will also help to promote Muslim movements. By becoming excessive, it justifies a reaction from the Muslim side, and therefore gradually the creation of organizations against Islamophobia (then, movements for Muslim rights, etc...).

Once again, we can see that the elite likes to kill two (or three) birds with one stone.

In addition, Mélenchon, a well-known far-left leader in France, gave them his support. The fact that Mélenchon supported them is also logical.  Currently, it was necessary to support these movements against Islamophobia so that it did not seem to be only a movement of Islamists (and also Arabs and Blacks). And since the classical socialist left is more or less anti-Islamist nowadays, it was necessary to use an extreme left movement for that.

dimanche 10 mars 2019

Will the Jews of the USA and France be expelled to Israel?

While thinking about my previous paper and the expansion program of the State of Israel, I had an idea about the Jews of the United States and France.  What if the elite were planning to expel them to Israel before and during World War III?

Until then, I had told myself that this was unlikely, because I thought that the presence of everyday Jews served the Jewish/illuminati elite to control the USA and France. So I didn't think about it more than that.

But if the objective of the elite is actually to spread the white race, and Jews only serve as fanatical white settlers, then it is different. All ordinary Jews will be used for this purpose.

Moreover, when you think about it a little more, it is clear that the Greater Israel project will suddenly require a rather large population inflow. It is true that Israel's Jews have a fairly high birth rate (near 3.2 children per woman). But that may not be enough when large territories are annexed by Israel. It will therefore require a massive and rapid influx of people.

And even if the goal was not to increase the territory of the white race, but the one of the Jews, we saw for the 2nd World War that the elite had no problem deporting Jews. So, to the extent that they will most likely be necessary to populate the Greater Israel, whether the real objective of the elite is the expansion of the white race or the expansion of the Jews, it will not change anything for them. They will be moved to Israel. 

It is true that in this region, there is mostly desert. This too must have unconsciously made me think that the inflow of Jews from the USA and France was not necessary. But in fact, there are quite a lot of people in this area. It's not just desert everywhere. So, there will still be a need for many settlers to occupy the territories taken.

Especially since, as we have seen, it is likely that, in reality, the Greater Israel project is underestimated and that the entire Middle East will be targeted by this white race expansion project. So it will require a very large number of settlers.

Thus, it becomes likely that the Jews from the USA and France will be expelled in order to occupy the territories taken from the Arabs when  the Greater Israel is established. Why them in particular? Well, because of their numbers. These are the two countries with the highest number of Jews outside Israel. The Jews of the USA are in the 5.7 million, those of France probably in the 600,000 (see here). That's 6,300,000 that could be used as settlers. But in the United States, there would be 10 million Jews if you take a broader definition of Jews. So that could be 10.6 million Jews who could be mobilized to colonize the greater Israel. Of course, it is possible that Jews from other countries may also be targeted, such as those from Italy (see the map of countries that will come under Muslim control before World War III).

mardi 12 février 2019

Does the Israel project really serve to bring back the Jewish people who would have been expelled 2000 years earlier?

The most common theory among conspiracy theorists who believe in Jewish conspiracy is that the creation of the state of Israel is the result of a conspiracy by Jewish leaders to bring the Jewish people back to the lands from which they were driven 2000 years ago. Jewish leaders would have gradually taken control of all Western countries with the aim not only of being masters of the world, but also of recreating Israel. Once this is done, an additional objective would be to make Israel the world's capital. Moreover, Freemasonry is said to be a creation of Jewish leaders. It would be an intermediate power created to have the elite of the goys applying the orders of Jewish leaders.

That's what I thought until a few years ago.

On the surface, it seems to make sense as an idea. Indeed, there appears to have been a takeover of the various European countries by Jewish leaders over the past 500 years. The first country would have been Italy with the Medici, then England with Cromwell, then probably the USA during the colonization, then France with the 1789 revolution, then most European countries with the takeover of Europe by the French under Napoleon, and finally Russia in 1917.  And for Freemasons, some say that Freemasons' rites are Jewish from A to Z.

As for the desire to recreate the state of Israel, it seems logical, since, according to their sacred books, it is the land promised by God and they actually lived there for several centuries before being driven out. And since Jews have remained very religious for centuries, it is normal that they wanted to return to the land that God had promised them. However, before the end of the 19th century, we don't have much evidence that they were making a plan to get back there. But from then on, things became clear (writings by Nathan Birnbaum from 1882, book by Theodore Herzl "The State of the Jews" in 1896, Balfour declaration in 1917, San Remo conference in 1920, etc...). Moreover, we can think that the desire to take power in Europe, then in the world, is a strong indication of this desire to return to Israel, beyond the mere desire for domination.