vendredi 20 mai 2016

The form of the future European war

As we have seen, Jewish leaders want a European war in order to extend the frontiers of Israel and create "the Greater Israel". But what form will this war take?

I see four possibilities:

- First possibility: a takeover of some European countries by Muslims, mostly with democratic elections. Then there will be a war between White European countries and Muslims European countries.

So here, countries keep their integrity. They are not shattered.

- Second possibility: semi-chaos with internal civil wars in all Europe. Muslims become the majority in several parts of a country. They also get the power in local elections. They secede. Then the white side fights the Arab side. And the same thing happens everywhere in Europe.

- Third possibility:  complete chaos. All European countries fall into chaos with no central power. And communities at the level of cities, counties, regions, fall into the Muslim side.

- Fourth possibility: a combination of the three other ones.

I may be wrong, but I think Jewish leaders will use the first possibility. In my opinion, the second one poses too many problems.

First problem: in this scenario, secessions must happen at the very same time, not only in one country, but in all European countries.

In one specific country, if secessions don't happen at the same time, the central power will have the possibility to prevent it to happen in more areas. Imagine that only 10 or 20 % of the country secedes. Then le central state will harden its politics and will prevent the other ones to break away. And if the 10 or 20 % having seceded want to make war to the central state, they will be wiped away in less than six months.

Of course, you can have the case where the central power is very weak with no support or authority. It's possible. But as the atmosphere will probably be already very tense, we can think that the central power wouldn't let things deteriorate. And you will probably have very strong nationalist parties in almost all European countries. So having the central power being so weak that it would let all this happens bit by bit without doing anything is quit improbable. And you have to take into account that the secession would most probably be illegal. So, the central power would normally not accept it.

And it must happen in all the countries at the same time. Otherwise, if one or two countries keep their integrity and are still dominated by Whites, they will be much more powerful than the other ones. Then, it would be easy for them to tip the scale in favor of the white side in less than one year. It would be too easy. Imagine that France gets into this kind of situation, but with Germany still standing, the latter would destroy Muslim opposition in France easily.

And the fact that almost all European countries fall into that kind of chaos at the same time would be very fishy. Jewish leaders could do that if they wanted it. But, if you observe what they did for WWI and WWII, it seems they want things to appear the most logical possible in order to prevent people from understanding the plan.

And you need to have a good balance between forces in the entire country, and also in all the European countries; otherwise, the white forces would win very easily (since they are the one supposed to win at the end). Once again, it would be very fishy.

But I think the main argument against this possibility is that it would take too much time. If all European countries were shattered into pieces, it would take at least 20 years to get away of this political semi-chaos and have once again blocks big enough to win the war at the European level. And I don't think Jewish leaders want it to last more than 4 or 5 years, as for the previous world wars.

In fact, it would add an unnecessary stage of events to the main one. Because, ultimately, you would have blocks of the size of countries. So, finally, you would have the same thing than with the first hypothesis, but with at least 20 years lost for nothing. So why not begin the war with the present countries? It's much simpler.

Regarding the third possibility, it adds a third stage of events to the two other ones. You would have complete chaos, then a more organized one, then a war between countries (or blocks of this size). It would take 30 or 40 years to get away from the initial chaos, to once again finally arrive to the same situation than with the first hypothesis. Useless.

And the degradation of the situation would take much longer than with the first hypothesis. You would have a central power weaker and weaker each year; whereas with the first hypothesis, you just need a Muslim party being elected.

You would also probably need the US to fall into chaos (and Russia too). Otherwise, it would be child play for them to take over Europe and make the white side win.

You just have to see what happened for the two other world wars. Jewish leaders decided to make them last only 4 or 5 years. They could have made them last 10 or 20 years. But no, they have decided to use the short way. So we can think that it will be the same for world war III. Of course, they can act differently this time. You never know. But, for the moment, I don't see why they would do that.

Maybe you can have the fourth situation, with a part of national states and a part of seceded zones or zones of chaos.

I don't think you would have a part or some parts of a country falling into complete chaos, because, I don't see very well how you can have a part of a country keeping its consistency, and a part of it being in a state of anarchy. You have either complete chaos everywhere or a normal state, but not just some parts of chaos there and parts of order elsewhere.

But, maybe you can have some states falling into chaos, while most of the other ones stand still. Then, it would be mainly with the first situation with a little bit of the second or the third ones. You would principally have current countries (UK, France, Germany, etc..) fighting, but with some chaos in some parts of Europe. The problem, once again, is that intact countries would invade them easily. So, having chaos or semi-chaos in some parts of Europe isn't very interesting for Jewish leaders. But maybe Jewish leaders could do that in parts of Europe which aren't too important for the plan, like in some countries of the Balkans.

So, for the moment, my opinion is that there will be mostly a takeover of some European countries by Muslim parties, or alliances of Muslim parties with other ones, after democratic elections. Then, you will mainly have a war between current countries (UK, Germany, France, Italy, etc…).

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