samedi 14 mai 2016

All terrorist attacks or Islamic movements are phony and are done/controlled by Intel agencies

So the plan from Jewish leaders is to cause a third world war with Arabs/Blacks vs. Withes in Europe.
It means that all the terrorist attacks are in fact false flags (and for most of them, hoaxes too) made by western secret services like CIA, MI6, Mossad, DGSE (French), etc..; all of them controlled by Jewish leaders of course.

And logically, each times you have a terrorist attack, many websites now point out the flaws in the official story and show they are all false flags, and mostly hoaxes.

It's quite the same thing for the rise of Islamic fundamentalism in Europe. Most of it is pure invention from Intel agencies. However, since Jewish leaders will need troops for the war, it is possible that a little part of it have some reality. Jewish leaders probably try to radicalize some young Muslims in order to have soldiers for the future war, and before that, for the islamization of European countries.

You could then think: "So, maybe some terrorist attacks are real and are done by those manipulated guys". But Intel agencies won't let guys like that do this. False flags are serious job. Only Intel agents do it. Those manipulated guys are only here to be the rank and file. And as most terrorist attacks are in fact hoaxes, Jewish leaders can't let manipulated but honest guys participate to them.

In the Middle-East, secret agencies are probably able to get more real members. But even there, most of them are in fact Intel agents.

The takeover of certain countries (or part of them) by Islamic movements (like Daesh in Syria) is also an invention from secret agencies. Everything is controlled by them. Do you imagine really that a powerful state as Syria could be suddenly put in serious trouble by ordinary guys? The government would send the army and everything would be over after 4 or 5 days. And it's even truer knowing the fact that Syria is controlled by Jewish leaders (like all countries of the world). Jewish leader would crush immediately any movement not controlled by them with all the military force they have.

But in fact, they wouldn't even have to do that, since no free movement can exist without their support. To have a free movement which reaches some importance, you need a lot of money, advertising (thus a lot of money), many talented propagandist (so, once again, a lot of money) and mass media talking about you (and as they are controlled by Jewish leaders, they will never do it). And, if by any incredible miracle, someone succeeds a little bit in doing that, Jewish leaders are able to stop the rise of the movement by infiltrating it with agents, by making the promotion of other movements which lead to nowhere (and of course proposing much more money, entertainment, advertisement, etc..), by compromising their leaders with fake affairs (sex, money…), etc, etc… So you can't have free important political movements in this world, and especially a free Islamic movement in the Middle-East.

All those fake terrorist events, the fake radicalization, and the fake victories of Islamic movements in the Middle-East are necessary for the Jewish leaders to explain the swing of several European and Middle-East countries into Islamism in the future, and thus world war III. Because events in Europe won't be limited to just some terrorist attacks. Those ones are just the beginning. Things will go much farer than that. There will be a takeover of certain European countries by Islamic forces. If there wasn't that takeover, European government would just have to expel fundamentalist Muslims from Europe. And that would be it; no WWIII. Jewish leaders need to have countries controlled by Muslims (totally or partially). Then serious things (WWIII) can begin.

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