jeudi 12 mai 2016

Why we can think the goal of Jewish leaders is not to destroy the white race

With the importation of millions of Arabs and black immigrants in Europe, you could think that the goal of Jewish leaders is to eliminate the white race and replace it with mixed race people. The idea commonly adopted in nationalist circles is that they would then have a race of people without past, less cultivated and intelligent than Whites; that is, people Jewish leaders could control more easily.

But, there is a problem with this theory. White people don't pose any threat to Jewish leaders. They are productive, intelligent, creative, obedient, and completely gullible. In fact, they are the perfect slaves. So, wanting to get rid of them wouldn't make sense for Jewish leaders.

And Jewish leaders are also white people. So, in a world where they would be the only white people, they would be in danger of being assimilated sooner or later. If their plan was based on the racist idea that mixed people are less intelligent than Whites, and that by being the only Whites, no one would be able to challenge their domination, it wouldn't be sustainable because of that. After 1 or 2 centuries, they would be assimilated into this "inferior" mass.

And, in a world where they would be the only Whites, their domination would be much more visible. Whereas, in a world where there are tons of white people, they can remain hidden eternally.

So, things don't add up. This theory seems quite absurd when studied more closely. There must be something else.

With the evolution of their propaganda regarding Arabs, you can understand the real motive behind all this.

During the 80's and the 90's, while getting millions of colored people to come to Europe, Jewish leaders forbade white people to criticize them (especially Arabs and black people). A real hysteria was organized regarding that. And the white population adopted this way of reacting fully. The beginning of a shadow of the slightest critic against Arabs or Blacks in general made people enter in a state of trance. It was worse than if you had talked about torturing and killing their mother, their wife and their children right now. You better had to stop and make a retraction immediately; otherwise, you were banned from your group of friend.

So, during those years, things were coherent. Jewish leaders seemed to want to overwhelm white countries with colored immigrants and to destroy the white race. And the propaganda regarding Arabs and Blacks made sense with that.

BUT, all at once, shortly after the beginning of the 2000's, the discourse changed. Suddenly, Arabs were presented in the media as potentially dangerous people. And the more the time passed, the more they were presented that way. And, not only that, but tons of false flags, where Muslims (mostly Arabs) were presented as the perpetrators, were organized by Jewish leaders.

But, all the while, Jewish leaders kept importing Arabs and Blacks in Europe.

So, all of a sudden, the official speech didn't make any sense anymore. Why keep importing colored people to Europe while the discourse from Jewish leaders makes them pass as the bad guys. If the goal was to destroy the white race with race mixing and replacement, why not keep the same discourse about them (that is, that colored people are more open minded, more beautiful, more generous, more human, more manly, more everything, than those close minded white people who are all potential racists, and that the only solution to wipe out all this white ugliness is in race-mixing and race replacement).

So, suddenly it became obvious that the real objective wasn't to destroy the white race. And when you understand a little bit how things work, everything becomes quite clear.

The real goal of Jewish leaders was to create the conditions of the third world war; and this, in order to extend the frontiers of Israel; that is to make the greater Israel.

To have a credible WWIII, they needed to have a European racial civil war. A war between Europe and Arab countries wouldn't seem serious at all, because Europe is much more powerful, military speaking, than Arab countries. The affair would be resolved in one month. It would be ludicrous.

So, they needed to make tons of Arabs and black people come to Europe. Once enough of them settled, the racial civil war would oppose two sides of the same force and would then be credible.

They also needed people to accept this very aggressive invasion; thus all the propaganda describing colored people as the future of humanity, and race-mixing not only as inevitable but also desirable.

You can notice that Asian or South-American people were not concerned by this positive propaganda. This is because the main groups involved in the war will be Arabs and Blacks. This is why you could still make a little bit of fun of Asians during the 80's and the 90's, whereas doing the same thing for Arabs or Blacks sent you directly to the stake. This is also why just few Asians were imported in Europe during this time. They are not needed for world war 3. Jewish leaders got some of them to come to Europe in order to avoid making their plan too obvious.

But, of course, before the war, Jewish leaders needed to change their speech. They couldn't begin it with people continuing to be in a state of beatitude regarding Arabs and Blacks. This is why there has been the "rise" of those fundamentalist Muslim movements (Al Qaeda, Daesh, all phony organizations created by the CIA, Mossad, MI6, etc..) and all those fake terrorist bombings and attacks (also made by the CIA, Mossad, etc..). And this is why the discourse from media has changed regarding Arabs. Suddenly, they were depicted as potential terrorists. And it works very well. With this avalanche of propaganda, people's mind is evolving. Blacks are still considered as cool, but Arabs are now considered more and more as mad, violent and obscurantist people, and thus, as potential enemies.

So, the hatred against Arabs (and probably Blacks) will rise more and more. And when Jewish leaders trigger the war, people will be mentally ready for it. What's ironic is that it's probably those very kind of people (or at least a great part of them) who almost fainted when earing the slightest critic against colored people in the 80's who will be the ones the most ready to kill them (or to make them kill by others). It's normal; they are the most easily manipulated ones.

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  1. Bonjour Hexzane. Je parcours tes différents articles et je voudrais rebondir sur celui-ci où tu dis qu'Israël veut s'agrandir, devenir "a greater Israel". Cela m'évoque ce que dit Miles Mathis en fin de page 40 et début de page 41 dans son article sur la généalogie d'Hitler que je viens finir de traduire. Il dit ceci :

    "I guess you are aware what is going on in Germany and other parts of Europe
    right now, and less so in the US. The borders have been opened, expressly to allow this influx. The
    European people can't understand why their leaders are allowing it, but the Rabbi just told them why.
    In previous papers, we have seen the top Jewish families warring with the Holy Roman Empire for
    centuries. In the 20
    century, they won the last stages of that war. In the 21
    century, we are seeing the
    Some still won't understand what these Jews have against Germany, or why I said this is happening
    “less so” in the US. It is because these families have no grudge against the US. As we have seen, they
    have owned us from the beginning. Israel isn't the primary Zion: the US is. Israel is just an outpost."

    Il semble dire que la réelle Sion est en fait les USA. Qu'en penses-tu ? Est-ce que ça colle avec tes hypothèses ?
    Merci pour ton travail.