lundi 20 juin 2016

When will World War III begin?

Another very important thing is to know when World War III will begin.

There are four things Jewish leaders need to get before being able to launch ww3:

  • A rate of 30/35 % of Arab and Black Muslims in European countries that will fall under the Islamic side (France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands)
  • The rise of Muslim parties in those countries (and some other ones)
  • A high rate of Hispanic people in the USA so that they become a threat to the White US population
  • The widespread sexual perversion of Western countries, in order to have two very opposite sides during the European war (the virtuous but rigorist, tyrannical and bellicose Muslims against the perverted but democratic White people).

- The rate of Arab and black Muslims in Europe

Having a rate of 30/35 % of Arab and black Muslims in certain European countries will demand quite a long time. You can't have this in just 10 years. It will need probably at least 25 or 30 years.

Recently, Jewish leaders have used a new trick. By starting phony conflicts in the Middle-East (Syria) and Africa (Libya), they have been able to justify the coming of more than 1 million additional illegal Arab immigrants in Europe in 2015. It could accelerate the increase of the rate of Muslims in European countries.

However, they can't justify the coming of 1 million additional illegal immigrants each year. And one million immigrants represent only a little percentage of the European countries which are supposed to fall on the Muslim side. We are talking about something like 200 million people (Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, and some other ones). 1 million represent only 0.5 % of the total.  So, this trick won't accelerate the agenda very much.

Let's see the case of France. It will serve us as reference point for the estimation of the time required to fulfill the Jewish leaders' agenda. We will then be able to adapt the conclusions to the other countries that will fall on the Muslim side.

About France, official statistics say Muslims represent only 7.5 % of the population (that is 5 million people). This is most probably false. I think we can at least double this number. So the real number would be 15 % (10 million).

Presently, there are officially only 200.000 people immigrating to France each year. And only 40 % are Arabs or Blacks, that is 80.000 per year. Even if the figures are underestimated, and if there are a lot of illegal immigrants, you can count at best on 250.000 Muslims per year. So, it would then take 40-46 years to attain 30-35 % (that is 20 or 23.3 millions).

However, the figure of 250.000 Muslim immigrants is probably quite high. 200.000 would be more realistic. It would extend the time required to do this of 20 %; that is to 48-54 years.

But we can count on the fact that Whites make less babies than Muslims. Some say that at least 20 % of French children are now Muslims. So, probably that at the next generation, it will be 35 %.

But it will take 15 years before those children are able to have their own babies. And it will take 20 years before they become war material. So, it will take at least 35 years. So, before 2051, they are out of the equation.

And even there, we just talk about the last generation. But there will still be the old ones which include less Muslims. So in 2031, we won't have 20 % of Muslims. If we say that the young generations represent a third of the total, instead of having a general rate of 20 % we will have only 16,6 % (1,6 % added instead of 5 %). With the same principle, in  2051, Muslims won't represent 35 % of the whole population, but maybe 23,2 % (I consider here just the Muslims obtained from the present Muslim population. I exclude the ones who will have immigrated to France between 2016 and 2051). To avoid underestimating the figure, let's say it will be 25 %.

jeudi 9 juin 2016

How the European war events will take place

So world war 3 in Europe will be mainly a fight between the West and the East side of Europe, at least at the beginning. After that, UK will probably intervene, with the help of the USA.

In fact, it will be quite like World War II, but this time, with France on the same side than Germany and Italy. And it will be as phony and staged as WWII, with Jewish leaders controlling each side and each event from the beginning to the end.

The map of Europe just before world war III

What countries will be invaded first by Islamic forces? We can think some countries of the Balkans will be the first ones to fall. It will allow Jewish leaders to present this as just a Balkan war, so not something involving a more global one. It will be presented as local problems between Bulgaria and Serbia; Bosnia and Croatia; Montenegro and Albania; and Italy and Slovenia, something like that. It will allow Jewish leader to justify the fact that Germany, Ukraine, Russia or Poland don't intervene yet.

We can think that Jewish leaders will organize another Balkan war before that (maybe two). Thus, people will be used to see wars in this area. It then won't surprise them to see a new one.

In pink, countries invaded by Islamic countries

After that, serious things will begin. For whatever reason, some Muslim countries will declare war to Austria and Hungary, or vice versa. It will probably be because of the war in the Balkans. Then, because of alliances, everything will degenerate. Germany and Ukraine will intervene with Italy, and will invade Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. Russia will be out of the conflict at this moment (otherwise it would be more difficult for the Muslim side to win against those little countries). For what reason? I don't know. Maybe it will be busy on the south against Islamic countries. So, Jewish leaders will justify the inaction of Russia with this reason.

lundi 6 juin 2016

Which European countries will fall under the control of Muslim governments

As seen in the previous paper, European war will probably be a war between countries having fallen on the Islamic side and countries still under non-religious states governed by white people.

It's a little bit difficult to know which European countries will have Muslim governments. The problem is Jewish leaders need to have a subtle balance of forces in Europe in order to have a credible third world war. They also have to resolve specific problems regarding the war. So you can't just take into account the rate of Muslims in each European country and say "this one will become a Muslim state and this one won't". It's an important element, but other ones take part in this problem.

For example, England could be a candidate. But, in the plan of Jewish leaders, the USA will probably come to help Europe to fight Muslim forces. So, Jewish leaders will need a base for this, as for WWII. And if UK is an Islamic state, it will be very difficult for US forces to conquer this land; because, it's difficult to free an island (or, if Jewish leaders decided to do it, it would be difficult to explain it). For the same reason, if Europe is freed from Muslims, it would be difficult to free the UK. So we can think Jewish leaders won't bother with making England fall.

The other thing which makes the prevision uneasy is that we can be sure only about three or four big countries. For the others, it's more difficult.

We can be quite sure that France will fall. It's probably the most obvious one. There are already tons of Muslims there. More and more come every day. And it seems everything is done to make it become one day an Islamic state.

We can think Russia won't fall. There are some Muslims there (around 14 %); but they are located mostly on the southern border. And quite few ones immigrate in Russia. The Russian government is also presented as strong regarding immigrations, to the contrary of Western government. Russia is also presented in nationalist media as the champion of Whites. It's not a coincidence.

We can also suppose that Poland won't become an Islamic state, since there are very few Muslims there and that this kind of immigration is quite low.

We can think that some countries of the Balkan will fall, because there are already a high percentage of Muslims there.

For the other countries, it's quite difficult to be sure if they will turn into Islamic states or not just by looking at the rate of Muslims and the one of Muslim immigration.

But, by studying carefully the situation, I think we can have an idea of which countries will fall and which won't.

Actually, what we must consider is the fact that in European wars there are mainly 4 countries that are important: England, France, Germany and Russia. All the other ones are mainly satellites in this kind of affair. So, if we know what will be the situation of these for countries, we know approximately which country will be on the Muslim side and which will be on the White side.

We are already quite sure about England, France and Russia. The only country that still raises questions is Germany.

Germany is a serious candidate. But England is too; and however, I think it won't fall. So what we must consider here is the general pattern of the war and the need for Jewish leaders to have a balance of forces in order to have an apocalyptic war.

If Germany doesn't fall, then, only have France and other satellite countries will do it. In the group of Islamic countries you then need to have at least France, Italy and Spain in order to have a force with a bit of credibility. The problem is this group is still not powerful enough against countries like England, Germany, Russia and the USA (and very probably Poland). And it's true even without the USA. It would be too easy for the White countries to win the war.

Thus, for Jewish leaders, Germany has to fall. Then, there will be a much more powerful force composed of France and Germany. Thus, it will become much more difficult for the white side to win.

We can think either Italy or Spain will join this group of Islamic states, maybe both. But as a part of Balkans will also fall, the group could be a little bit too powerful. So, probably that either Spain or Italy won't become an Islamic state. I would bet that it's Spain that will remain White and it's Italy that will become an Islamic state.

The problem, if Italy stays on the white side is that the group of European Islamic states is less powerful and less oriented toward the east. Spain is too far away from the eastern countries to be credible as an enemy of Russia or Poland. Of course, the game of alliances could justify that Spain engages military forces against Russia, Poland, etc... But it would be bizarre to have it fighting to death against those countries. Being so far from this area, you should expect it to send only a little amount of troops. So you would really have only France and Germany and some Balkan countries against Russia, Poland, Italy, plus some other countries of the Balkans. And after some times, they would also fight against the UK and the USA.

Italy is more oriented toward the east. So it will be easy to justify having it fighting in the Balkans with Bosnia, Albania, Macedonia and Bulgaria against for example Austria, Romania, Hungary, etc...
So, with Italy, you have a more convincing group of countries for the war against eastern countries.
If Spain stayed on the white side, maybe France would invade it. But I think that as during WWII, Spain will stay neutral, at least at the beginning. However, it's just a guess.

Regarding countries like Belgium, the Netherlands and Denmark, either they will fall under the Islamic influence (probably Belgium and the Netherlands), or they will be invaded at the beginning of the war (maybe Denmark).

For the north of Europe, it's difficult to know. Maybe Sweden will become an Islamic state (since it already have quite a lot of Muslims), with Norway and Finland staying white. But, for them, nothing is clear for the moment.

We can think that Ukraine won't become a Muslim state. There aren't enough Muslims there. But because it will be an enemy of Russia (it already is), it will be allied to the group of Muslim countries.

What will happen at the north (Norway, Sweden and Finland)? As they aren't crucial countries regarding the war, it's difficult to say. Maybe Sweden will fall. The fact that it already has a lot of Muslims is an indication it's a probable candidate regarding a Muslim takeover.

So, here is the map we could have just before the war.

Europe just before world war III. In red, countries having already fallen to the Islamic side. In orange, Ukraine, ally of Islamic countries against Russia. In white, non-Islamic European countries.