lundi 4 juin 2018

Why do agents of influence reveal the concepts of false flags, hoaxes and crisis actors?

We saw in the previous article that it is normal for agents of influence to reveal the plan of Jewish/illuminatis leaders. It does not bother the latter since the truths revealed are only partial.

But there is one thing that seems rather incredible, it is the revelation of the system of false flags, hoax and crisis actors. There are many sites that are obviously run by agents of influence who regularly reveal new false flags and show that all terrorist attacks are actually carried out by Jewish/illuminatis leaders, and that they are hoaxes made with crisis actors.

At first glance, that sounds extraordinary. Because it seems to go totally against the interests of the elite members, since it shows that the Muslim threat is completely bogus. This is the kind of thing that could ensure that the Third World War does not take place, since many Europeans could think that all this is false and that there is no way they fight against Muslims.

And then, there are reasons to doubt about the fact that these guys are agents. And you can be led to think that, finally, the anti-illuminatis who reveal this are real dissidents, real independent conspirators and not agents of influence.

But when you think about it, you realize that it doesn't really bother the members of the elite.

Because, who's talking about false flags? The anti-illuminatis.

And what will be the role of anti-illuminatis during the 3rd World War? Well, in part to serve as allies for Muslims against anti-Muslims.

From then on, will revealing the false flag principle cause them to be against Muslims during the war? No. On the contrary, since they will know that Muslims are innocent of the crimes attributed to them, they will be all the more ready to ally themselves with them against the "hordes of Satan".

Moreover, it has the important advantage of greatly strengthening the credibility of the agents of influence. With such advanced revelations, people can only think that those who reveal them are real conspirationists and not agents working for the elite.

So, we have this extraordinary situation where agents of influence can speak freely about false flags without it hindering the Jewish/illuminatis leaders' plan for the 3rd World War. However, there is a limit, which is that these revelations can only be made in the anti-illuminatis milieu. Elsewhere, it would become problematic. But still, Jewish/illuminatis leaders can offer themselves the luxury of unveiling some of their most advanced manipulations without them hindering their final plan.

That said, in practice, anti-illuminatis agents of influence speak of false flags, but without saying what the purpose is for the illuminatis. The thing is almost never put into perspective in relation to more global objectives. It is part of the recurrent theme among anti-illuminatis that all the information we are given is false, but it does not go any further. As a result, the revelation loses much of its impact. Apparently, even if revealing that it is used to invent a false Muslim enemy is manageable as we have just seen, the elite must still feel that it could be a problem. Perhaps at the present time, these truths could influence some people in the anti-Muslim camp, which would be counterproductive. Thus, agents of influence generally say little or nothing about the root causes of these false flags.

However, people who discover this information about false flags could reason on their own and understand their real cause. But, as we have seen, the agents of the anti-illuminati camp generally do not talk about the war to come against the Muslims (or in a few lines). They focus essentially on the arrival of a Satanist society, the antichrist and other demons. So, the overwhelming majority of people who read this information about false flags will not make the connection between them and a possible 3rd World War against Muslims. In order for these people to establish the link by themselves (since anti-illuminatis agents do not), the anti-illuminatis should also regularly speak of a possible war against Muslims. But they don't.

So, in theory, Jewish/illuminatis leaders could reveal the reasons for false flags. But in practice, it could be quite risky and since they don't like the risk, they don't do it (at least for the moment). But, they can reveal the existence of the false flag system itself without it being problematic for them. As long as the real causes of these are not given, everything is fine.

Where it would really be surprising is if some nationalists also revealed the principle of false flags, hoaxes and crisis actors. By this I mean the fact that the overwhelming majority of attacks are actually bogus. Now, that would really go against the interests of the illuminatis. Because there, many anti-Muslims could say to themselves that since the attacks are bogus, Muslims are not the bloodthirsty fools of Allah whom they are told and that there is no way they will fight against them.

But, on the anti-Muslim side, nobody reveals the principle of false flags, with the exception of a few rather particular ones. On the contrary, as soon as an anti-illuminati comes to speak of false flag regarding a terrorist attack, most nationalists (mainly agents of influence) criticize him hysterically. On the anti-Muslim side, the false flag principle is almost totally taboo.

It shows that the nationalist side is completely under control, because most false flags are obvious. So if they were honest, some nationalists should talk about it (I mean people who have a blog or a website). But no, nobody does. Nobody does it because nearly all of them are agents.

In fact, there are some false flags that are revealed in the nationalist milieu. But it's essentially when it affects Russian interests. Here, all of a sudden, it is acceptable in this political milieu to talk about false flags (generally presented as made by Americans of course). As it remains within the framework of the influence game between states, and as it concerns only a rather small number of events, it does not lead to any major questioning. Nationalists will not extend the concept to all attacks (whereas this is the case among anti-illuminatis; for them, all attacks are false flags). So that's not a problem for the elite.

And they hardly ever talk about hoax. For them, even for the very rare times they speak of false flags, they almost always admit that something really happened and that the people involved in the affair are real people, but manipulated by this or that power. As a result, the concept of crisis actors is also unknown to them.

So, we are very far from the impact of the anti-illuminatis revelations concerning this subject.

And one can think that if there are these few revelations concerning false flags on the nationalist side, it is probably partly to counter the concept that is proposed on the anti-illuminati side. This allows saying that on the nationalist side, people are not closed to the concept of state manipulation regarding terrorist attacks.

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  1. Totalement véridique le passage sur le milieu nationaliste. On a pas encore constaté récemment Daniel Conversano dire " mais soral relaie des histoires comme quoi l'attentat de boston est un canular avec du faux sang, mais allo vous êtes fous les gens"