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Why do agents of influence like Alex Jones reveal the illuminati project?

Regarding the previous article, one may wonder how it is that notorious Intel agents like Alex Jones and others of this kind give us a lot of information about illuminati signs and illuminati people present in the media and elsewhere and about the plan of establishing a more or less satanic society.

Since they are agents, they will obviously not tell us the truth. The Jewish/illuminati leaders have no reason to warn us of their manipulations of the masses and of their great plan to establish an illuminati society. This is counterproductive.

Of course, one could answer that they now feel so powerful that they practically operate in the open, as if to taunt us, or to enjoy their domination even better. The problem in this case is: why aren't there any blogs maintained since 15 years by disinformation agents who inform us of the manipulation concerning the Third World War? They don't warn us because that's the real purpose. Thus, all of a sudden, there's no agent saying anything about that.

So, we're facing a problem. If that's not true, then it makes sense. These agents of influence direct us to a dead-end to waste our time and prevent us from fighting over the real issues. A normal tactic for an agent. The problem, from what we can see, is what they say sounds real. There are a lot of stars who make illuminati signs. There are illuminati themes in many films. The leaders of many countries enact laws that fit perfectly with the illuminati plan, such as euthanasia, legalization of drugs, etc... But if this is true, they have no reason to warn us. So we are facing an illogical situation.

But with what we saw in the previous article, plus a little bit of thinking, we easily understand that this illogicality is only apparent.

In fact, it is true and false in the sense that it will be true, but only partly and above all temporarily. So, in the end, it will turn out to be false, and people will think that these revelations were bogus. So, in the long run, it's not embarrassing for the illuminatis to reveal all that. Agents like Alex Jones seem to be right at the time. But after the 3rd world war, as the illuminatis will stop showing illuminati signs in the media and passing laws suggesting that an illuminati society is developing, they will appear to have been wrong. Besides, that's only one side of the problem. So it's not really a problem to make revelations about it.

So, one could say that there is still an illuminati society that is currently being set up, even if it is only temporary and partial. So, still, denouncing her is dangerous. This could lead to the creation of a force that would oppose the establishment of the thing. And that would be problematic, because there would not be the bogeyman who would motivate Arabs and black Muslims to wage war against whites in Europe.

But, in the phase when this will be true (that is the illuminati society will be set up), the opposition that could be created from these revelations would be totally under control. In fact, the movement is already under control. So, giving this information does not pose any problem to the leaders of the dynasty.

On the contrary, it helps them, because it will enlist a certain number of conspirationists on the Muslim side. Indeed, as Muslims and conspirationists will have the same enemy (the illuminatis), many of the latter will look favorably on an alliance with the former. This will make it possible to start World War III a little earlier, without having to have a percentage of Arabic and black of more than 30-35% in Europe.

In fact, it is like saying that anti-Muslim nationalists or other anti-immigrants represent a threat to the implementation of the Muslim side of the plan because by opposing immigration, they would risk ensuring that there are too few Arabs and blacks in Europe to carry out World War III. But since the anti-Muslims are also under complete control, it poses no threat to the plan. On the contrary, it also helps him because it allows him to fanaticize a lot of white Europeans who will be all willing to wage war against Arabs and black Muslims. And as they are under control, during the period before the war, they will never be able to prevent world leaders from bringing in enough immigrants to launch World War III.

That said, not all anti-illuminatis conspirationists will be enrolled in World War III. The illuminatis will ensure that people believing in the theory of an illuminati conspiracy will be broken down into several categories according to their needs. We'll have a part that the illuminatis will lose in delusional theories. We will have another one who will find these theories too delusional and who will reject them. And finally, we'll have another part that will ally with the Muslims against the Satanists.

The second advantage is that at the end of the war, the illuminatis will be able to get rid of the anti-illuminati conspirationists. Since they will have collaborated with the Muslims and the war will have been atrocious, it will seem normal for this kind of cleansing to take place. Of course, as these conspirationists will be led essentially by agents of influence, the latter won't be really killed. The authorities and the media will make it look like they will. But, in fact, they won't be. They will simply be removed from the game and given a new identity. It'll be the same thing that what happened with Hitler.

And by removing the leaders, it will cut the head off the movement. There will then essentially remain only the mass of followers. And without thinking heads, they will be easily manipulated one way or the other. And of course, seeing all these leaders put in prison or killed will terrorize them and make them afraid to present themselves as conspirationists for years; in the same way that people of the extreme right kept a low profile after World War II.

One can think that they will take advantage of this situation to kill or put in prison a certain number of true conspirationists (of my kind), to eliminate the (true) thinking heads who are a little bit too dangerous.

They can also easily criminalize conspirationism after the war. This movement will take like 50 years of ban in its face, which will be all benefit for the ruling dynasty. And it will be all the easier because on the other side (at the base level), there will be hordes of completely fanatical nationalists who will say amen to anyone who will present such or such movement as the enemy. And there, it won't be difficult to portray the anti-illuminati conspirationists as enemies, since a large part of them will have been in the opposite camp during the war.

That said, it is not entirely certain that the illuminatis prohibit conspirationism after the war. Their success will show so clearly that they can manipulate people as they want that they might feel confident enough to continue to allow it. They will then only need to control the masses with new theories and false oppositions.

Moreover, the masses will be so much on the side of the anti-Muslims that the anti-illuminatis conspirationists will be totally discredited for a few decades. It will suffice to maintain this discredit in the media via Intel agents for this ostracism to be enough. It'll be a little like just after Maccarthysm. Almost no one in the USA dared to call themselves communists, even though they were no longer legally at risk. To call oneself a communist was a taboo. It will be the same for anti-illuminati conspirationism.

Also, as the illuminatis leaders will probably put an end to the satanist society set up before the war, the anti-illuminati discourse will apparently no longer have any object and will look outdated.

We may even wonder if they will really eliminate the real conspirationists like me. Our power of influence is so weak that we probably don't pose a real threat to them.  Guys like Alex Jones, that's a million views per year. Someone like me, it's just a few tens of thousands of views over several years. Moreover, what the most advanced true conspirationists say goes so far against what people read on the false conspirationist websites that the overwhelming majority refuses to believe it. It leads to cognitive dissonance. So, of the tens of thousands of views, there is probably just a few hundred people who will adhere to the ideas of this blog. It is insignificant. In fact, if we posed a problem to the world's leaders, they would have eliminated us long ago. And, as said above, if the elite leaders carry out their plan for World War III, it will have proven that their control of the masses is total, even in the age of the Internet, and that they have nothing to fear from people like us.

Of course, I hope they're wrong. But we have to admit that they are much more powerful than us and that the chances of victory are slim.

Third advantage, it helps the leaders of the dynasty because it only gives a partial vision of things. People adhere to one side of the problem (here the anti-illuminati side) and focus on it without ever having a global awareness of the situation, without understanding the overall plan. It's like the people who joined communism or fascism in the 1930s. They saw only one side of the coin and did not understand that the oppositions were fake and that all sides (communists, fascists, democrats) were actually working for the same leaders.

And because of that, instead of wanting to avoid war, many conspirationists will be happy to participate.

On the other side of the prism, we have the nationalists, who are making people see only the other side of the problem. Here again, we only have a partial view of the events. They focus only on the rise of immigration and Islam in Europe, without looking further.

And we can see that indeed, this type of anti-illuminati conspirationists focuses on the illuminatis, Satanism, perversion, the dumbing down of society, the coming of the apocalypse, the antichrist, aliens, Haarp, the chemtrails, the subcutaneous chip, etc..., but very rarely on Islamism and its involvement.

Few of them evoke the prediction that the Third World War will be waged against Islam (to destroy it). But it's usually done in 3 lines before going back to extraterrestrial or satanic conspiracies. So it is treated so insignificantly that it is almost as if they said nothing about it.

And of course, all this go off without a hitch. Since they navigate in the high spheres of the intergalactic or even inter-dimensional conspiracy, it is logical that small earthly problems like this do not interest them. So, for the average observer, it seems normal that what is important for them is the satanic forces, the coming of the antichrist and the like.

PS: One could eventually say that since agents like Alex Jones are easily identifiable as such, they give this information precisely so that people don't believe it. But, a lot of people don't realize Alex Jones is an agent. So this strategy does not work (if it was the strategy in question). And on the other hand, other agents, even those less identifiable, have the same discourse. So that's not what illuminatis are for.

PS2 : All this explains why so many conspirationists have amazing knowledge about illuminatis, numerology, know how to spot all the illuminatis details in movies, etc... And it explains why they had it very early, since the early 2000s, when all that was still very little known. In fact, this knowledge comes from the illuminatis themselves. It also explains why many videos seem to have been made by the same people with the same type of editing. In fact, this is the case; they were done by the same counterintelligence agencies. This also explains why the producers of these videos have access to television archives that are very difficult to obtain normally (unless they record all the news channels 24 hours a day and keep huge archives). They have access to them because it is the television channels themselves that give them (via intelligence agencies). The same goes for websites. Many anti-illuminatis sites have a similar design. And there too, it is the case because they are made by the same propaganda agencies. And the agencies in question do not make an effort at this level because they probably have fun with the fact that even intelligent people like conspirationists don't see the evidence they put before their eyes. These people love to do this kind of thing: show the scam in broad daylight and have fun that people see nothing.

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