dimanche 24 juin 2018

Nationalist movements. Why and why now?

As we have seen, during the 3rd World War between Arab and black Muslims and white Europeans, the latter will be divided into two camps: the anti-illuminatis (allied to Muslims) and the anti-Muslims (themselves divided into moderate democrats and nationalists).

Thus, the rise of nationalist movements has resulted relatively little from the political, economic and social events of the last 40 years. It's something clearly built by Jewish leaders. And of course, all nationalist leaders are Jewish or Freemasons.

If Jewish leaders had wanted there to be no nationalist movements, there would have been nothing or virtually nothing. We would have continued to celebrate the African immigrant as the new superman. We would have continued to say that crossbreeding was inevitable and enviable, and that immigration was economically necessary. And anyone criticizing that would have been blacklisted. The elite would also have put in place a few agents of influence to play the villains who are stigmatized, so that everyone is terrorized at the thought of suffering the same fate. And nobody would have said anything, not even in the private circle.

Even if they hadn't had a particular will on this, most likely nothing would have happened, because the ability of ordinary people to ally themselves is extremely weak.

So, the development of nationalist movements is something that is wanted, put in place, organized by Jewish leaders. This is all under their complete control.

The reason that leads them to do this is that since there will be a rise in power of Muslims, it seems normal that there will be a rise in power of nationalist movements. The second is logically the counterpart of the first.

That said, we can think that the illuminatis could have made traditional parties assume the role of nationalists. After all, they could have made them gradually change their minds regarding Muslims and become increasingly hostile to them to the point where war would seem inevitable. Then there would have been no need for nationalist movements.

But, first, it would have seemed odd if extremist movements had not developed at that time. There is an extreme left wing for economic and social issues. It would have seemed suspicious that the far right is not growing in power thanks to the question of immigration. So it was natural to make them gain followers with the arrival of mass immigration.

And second, for the Jewish leaders' plan, there must be fanatics on both sides. It helps explain a future war with the rise of extremism; whereas with moderate democrats on the white side, it lacks fanaticism and hysteria.

These two elements are not totally indispensable. But it makes the story more credible. So it is interesting for the illuminatis to have powerful nationalist movements.

But one can wonder why the illuminatis set up the nationalist movements now. Why don't they increase their power, say 10 or 20 years before the war (around 2035 or 2025)?

After all, it can then be said that because of the abuses of Muslims, democratic parties have changed their minds about them, have hardened and now want to fight them. Since Muslims will then clearly represent a danger to democracy and the Western way of life, it will seem normal for the democratic parties to become hostile to them. And before that, the illuminati can justify the fact that if they continued to bring them in Europe until 2030 or 2040, it is because they were blinded by anti-racism because of the Second World War. In fact, that is what is happening in England. The Brexit is supposed to have been voted in part because of a rejection of immigration, but all this with the classical democratic parties. So, in England, there was no need for nationalist movements to have an already slightly more restrictive policy towards immigrants. And so, we don't see why there would be a need for it in the future.

Well, already, we have the two reasons already mentioned. But there is a third one, which makes the thing indispensable.

As we have seen, during the war, there will be two opposing camps: the anti-Muslim camp and the pro-Muslim camp. And these two camps will consist of two sub-groups:

  • the nationalists and the perverted democrats on one side
  • the Muslims and the anti-illuminatis conspirationists on the other one.

In these two subgroups, we are interested in nationalists and anti-illuminatis conspirationists.

Here, there is a problem at the level of anti-illuminati conspirationism for the masters of the world. Without another movement facing it, it would be the only conspirationist movement, especially on the Internet.

Of course, at the level of normal people (blue pill), there is all the anti-conspiracy propaganda that allows to control them and prevent them from going to this side. At that level, there is no problem.

But all potential dissidents would risk joining this one movement. In other words, a good number of people of this kind who might otherwise be seduced by nationalism could adhere to anti-illuminatis ideas, particularly about the fact that attacks and wars are bogus. And the illuminatis don't want that. These people must continue to believe in propaganda about the terrorist attacks and think that wars are "real" (in the sense that there are real enemies and nothing is rigged). So there has to be another movement that deals with anti-illuminatis on the Internet and eventually in real life. There must be opposition to anti-illuminatis at the dissident level. There must be some counterpart.

And of course, this counterpart is the anti-Muslim nationalist movements. By having very active nationalist movements on the Internet, we have this opposition to anti-illuminatis on the ideas that the Jewish/illuminatis leaders do not want to see adopted by the anti-Muslims, notably concerning the fact that wars are arranged, that the leaders of the various camps in fact all work for the masters of the world, that the attacks are not only false flags, but even hoaxes, that there are crisis actors, etc...

And this counterpart had to be put in place as soon as the anti-illuminatis movement was launched.

And the latter had to be launched in the early 2000s. This because it took time before the war to spread these incredible ideas and because it was necessary to launch the perversion of society early enough, therefore, it was necessary to launch the anti-illuminati side so that this one makes revelations on the perversion of society.

So, since the anti-illuminatis movement had to be started in the early 2000s, anti-Muslim movements also had to be launched at that time, especially on the Internet. It was absolutely essential.

If nationalist movements were launched around 2030 or 2040, it would be too late. Anti-illuminatis conspirationists would have occupied the ground of dissident ideas for a long time. Therefore, having an anti-Muslim camp right now is necessary to prevent a part of people from adhering to the anti-illuminatis revelations.

That is why, starting around the year 2000, we saw the emergence not only of some official nationalist movements, but also of many small groups of nationalist activists acting essentially on the Internet, as well as individuals holding nationalist blogs.

In fact, it is mainly the last two that are important here. In official nationalist movements, there are mostly ordinary people who are not so likely to believe in anti-illuminatis ideas. Of course, it is still interesting to have official movements to ensure that even at this level, there is no contamination by those ideas. Especially since the power of these organizations (in terms of number of members, and recognition by the media) gives credibility to the small groups that do activism on the Internet.

But since anti-illuminatis propaganda is mainly done on the Internet and aimed at the most rebellious people to official ideas, the most important are the small groups and nationalist individuals who engage in activism on the Internet. It is they who, through their propaganda, prevent nationalists from being seduced by anti-illuminatis ideas.

They are all the more necessary as there are countries that do not have significant nationalist parties yet in 2018. In these countries too, it must be avoided that the anti-illuminati discourse dominates. Therefore, anti-Muslim propaganda on the Internet is needed to keep nationalists away from these ideas. Concerning this battle of ideas, everything is played on the Internet in several countries.

And of course, not only will the various anti-Muslim nationalist movements put forward ideas contrary to those of the anti-illuminatis on the important points we have seen above, but they will also do so in a hysterical manner.

Indeed, the anti-illuminatis camp makes revelations that seem true. Therefore, there is a risk of contamination of anti-Muslims by anti-illuminatis ideas. The mere presence of anti-Muslims and their opposition to anti-illuminatis ideas is not enough. The nationalist camp must be fanatical, hysterical on those points, so that the people who belong to it cannot be convinced by the ideas of the other camp. They must not think calmly. And their field of consciousness must be limited to the problem of Muslims alone and some other political stuff of a lower level of consciousness and therefore not at risk for the Jewish/illuminati leaders.

This is why we have extremely aggressive and often insulting reactions on nationalist sites when a person makes a comment saying that a Muslim attack is a hoax made with crisis actors or that the Second World War was staged and that Hitler was an agent of the system (we can find this kind of reactions also on mainstream sites that let nationalists react on the comments section). This is because these ideas must remain totally taboo among nationalists.

And of course, the overwhelming majority of guys who react like that on forums and blogs are agents of influence. There must be some real excited people who have been influenced by all these years of propaganda. But 99% are paid agents of influence. The true nationalists are not numerous enough to intervene on all subjects on all forums. And they wouldn't be as hysterical, aggressive, ironic, insulting, closed, etc... There's only an army of agents of influence trained for that who can carry out this kind of mission.

And for ordinary people, these reactions from nationalists seem logical. For them, nationalists are aggressive and heinous people. So it's normal for them to react hysterically and obtusely. They will not think for a second that they are agents of influence.

PS: This is also why a number of these anti-Muslim movements are more or less pro-Israel (and completely forget that it was the Jewish leaders who brought Muslims to Europe and continue to do so). Since the aim is for Europeans to approve Israel's enlargement after the war, propaganda must begin right now within the nationalist movements.

This obviously does not mean that nationalist groups that criticize Israel are not led by agents. Jewish leaders control all trends. Same thing for blogs, those which criticize Israel are not all held by true nationalists. There must be some. But most of them are run by agents.

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