dimanche 20 mai 2018

Toward a satanic/illuminati society?

Since the end of the 90s we can see that there is an increasingly obvious presence of illuminati and satanic people and signs in the media. Many stars of music, television, and cinema openly make signs of this kind. A lot of music videos show them everywhere and develop illuminated and satanic themes. And it's the same thing in movies. In short, they hardly hide any more.

The first thought we have when we see this surge is that from now on, their power is so great and they are so sure that the people will remain apathetic that they can do whatever they want and show themselves in the open. We can also think that there is an agenda to impose the illuminati religion openly in a few decades.

But in fact, I think it's mostly staging for World War III.

As we have seen previously on this blog, the current goal of world leaders is to wage a third world war that will oppose corrupt but democratic white people against uncorrupt but dictatorial and extremist Muslims.

In this context, the sudden invasion of illuminati signs and stars in the media is normal. It is necessary to make the world believe that a satanic society is taking shape. This way, the Third World War will take the form of a holy war on the Islamist side; a holy war quite justified from their point of view. Since they are believers in God, fighting against the advent of Satan or an abominable satanic society is logical.

So I think this rise in illuminatism is a sham. It's just a temporary thing to justify the war between whites and Arabs and black Muslims in Europe. When the war is over, the world elite will end all this illuminati circus in the media and elsewhere and set up new oppositions for a fourth world war.

What goes in this direction is the fact that world leaders are doing this (showing the illuminati power in broad daylight) while bringing millions of Muslims to Europe. A priori, if their goal was really to set up a satanic world, their interest would be rather to keep the Europeans, who are now quite unreligious, together, to be able more easily to impose the illuminati society in this region of the world. After that, since Europeans are much stronger militarily than Arabs, it would be child's play to subdue Arab countries. In fact, world leaders should never have promoted decolonization, since then, Arabs and blacks were under white rule.

And by bringing in millions of Muslims more fertile than Europeans, Jewish/illuminatis leaders take a risk that the Muslim religion will finally impose itself in Europe and that their Satanist plan will be defeated (at least in Europe). Of course, they could subvert Muslims as Europeans have been subverted. But it makes achieving the goal less easy and slower. It is also true that this does not pose a fundamental problem in Europe, since, as we have seen, Muslims will be defeated in the Third World War and expelled from this region of the world. But it's really making life very complicated for nothing. And it delays the plan at the global level, since if world leaders do that, they will still have to convert Muslims after the war. And it will take all the more time because at that moment, these will be ultra-fanatics. So it could take another 100 or 200 years to convert Muslims to Satanism. And that's not the elite type to be so complicated and inefficient. Generally, they go to the simplest and most effective way.

So bringing millions of Muslims to Europe clearly suggests that this advent of the illuminati religion at the level of the masses that can be seen in the media is just a temporary element of the elite's strategy for World War III. Now, that makes total sense.

Then, one could also say that even if the immediate principal objective is the third world war, they will thereafter keep the illuminati religion and maintain a Satanist society. So we would have a medium-term objective, which would be the third world war, and another in the longer term, which would be the creation of a Satanist society.

It's a possibility. But I think that won't be the case. First, it is not in the interest of the elite to come out in the open. But that is what would happen if the illuminati power was no longer something known only by the elite. Everyone would know that there is on one side the hereditary elite (the same as the royalty and nobility of ancient times) and on the other side, the peons. Moreover, people would know that it is global and that there is no possibility of revolution.

In addition, in the context of a Satanist society, this elite would not be of the benevolent genre, as kings were supposed to be in their time, but kind of pedophile psychopaths, child killers, torturers, assassins, slavers, etc.... All this in the open. Not a very good thing to lead people.

This is also the case at the grassroots level of society. A world with satanic anti-values doesn't seem really viable. How to make people accept to work, to marry, to have children in a satanic society where it is normal that there is no fidelity, that children can be raped by adults without parents being able to say anything, where the worker is only an ultra-poor slave, or the citizen has no rights, and where the human being in general is only a commodity that can be killed when he is no longer useful? a world centered on sex and violence, lies, deception, the law of the strongest, etc..., etc... And all this, unlike now, not hidden, but exhibited and claimed without complex? Already, these days, people don't have too many children in white and Asian countries. There, it is obvious that practically nobody would make some any more. And the motivation to work would also collapse.

And the extreme poverty implied by the ruthless exploitation of the people by the elite goes against a hyper sexualized and totally childish society. When you barely have enough to eat, and you have to work like crazy to earn just few bucks, you're not going to have fun making orgies all the time and playing on your smartphone. Thus, certain characteristics of a Satanist society contradict each other completely.

And also, if it was their final plan from the beginning, they would have tried to impose it long ago. They could very well have given this direction since 1750, when the authority of the church was being called into question in Europe. Then, we could have already been in a Satanist society for 50 or 100 years. If they didn't do it before, but just now, it's because in reality, it's not their final goal.

Moreover, why not try to impose this Satanist orientation in Muslim societies? Since they're totally under control too, nothing's stops the elite to do so? And they could have done it a very long time ago, 100 or 200 years ago. So if they have not done so before and are not doing so now, this is much probably because it's not their final objective. Their objective, at least at the moment, is the third world war between white Europeans and Muslims. And it is all the more obvious that at present instead of trying to subvert the latter, they are trying on the contrary to make them as rigid as possible, to make them people rejecting all freedom of modern sexual and social mores (and I am not even talking about sexual perversions that the illuminati try to introduce, like pedophilia or public orgies and so on).

So, in my opinion, the perversion of society, Satanism, the Illuminatis showing themselves in the open, all this only makes sense in the context of the opposition between white Europeans and Muslims during the 3rd World War. It's only temporary and the Jewish/illuminatis leaders will move on once World War III is over.

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