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When will World War III begin?

Another very important thing is to know when World War III will begin.

There are four things Jewish leaders need to get before being able to launch ww3:

  • A rate of 30/35 % of Arab and Black Muslims in European countries that will fall under the Islamic side (France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands)
  • The rise of Muslim parties in those countries (and some other ones)
  • A high rate of Hispanic people in the USA so that they become a threat to the White US population
  • The widespread sexual perversion of Western countries, in order to have two very opposite sides during the European war (the virtuous but rigorist, tyrannical and bellicose Muslims against the perverted but democratic White people).

- The rate of Arab and black Muslims in Europe

Having a rate of 30/35 % of Arab and black Muslims in certain European countries will demand quite a long time. You can't have this in just 10 years. It will need probably at least 25 or 30 years.

Recently, Jewish leaders have used a new trick. By starting phony conflicts in the Middle-East (Syria) and Africa (Libya), they have been able to justify the coming of more than 1 million additional illegal Arab immigrants in Europe in 2015. It could accelerate the increase of the rate of Muslims in European countries.

However, they can't justify the coming of 1 million additional illegal immigrants each year. And one million immigrants represent only a little percentage of the European countries which are supposed to fall on the Muslim side. We are talking about something like 200 million people (Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, and some other ones). 1 million represent only 0.5 % of the total.  So, this trick won't accelerate the agenda very much.

Let's see the case of France. It will serve us as reference point for the estimation of the time required to fulfill the Jewish leaders' agenda. We will then be able to adapt the conclusions to the other countries that will fall on the Muslim side.

About France, official statistics say Muslims represent only 7.5 % of the population (that is 5 million people). This is most probably false. I think we can at least double this number. So the real number would be 15 % (10 million).

Presently, there are officially only 200.000 people immigrating to France each year. And only 40 % are Arabs or Blacks, that is 80.000 per year. Even if the figures are underestimated, and if there are a lot of illegal immigrants, you can count at best on 250.000 Muslims per year. So, it would then take 40-46 years to attain 30-35 % (that is 20 or 23.3 millions).

However, the figure of 250.000 Muslim immigrants is probably quite high. 200.000 would be more realistic. It would extend the time required to do this of 20 %; that is to 48-54 years.

But we can count on the fact that Whites make less babies than Muslims. Some say that at least 20 % of French children are now Muslims. So, probably that at the next generation, it will be 35 %.

But it will take 15 years before those children are able to have their own babies. And it will take 20 years before they become war material. So, it will take at least 35 years. So, before 2051, they are out of the equation.

And even there, we just talk about the last generation. But there will still be the old ones which include less Muslims. So in 2031, we won't have 20 % of Muslims. If we say that the young generations represent a third of the total, instead of having a general rate of 20 % we will have only 16,6 % (1,6 % added instead of 5 %). With the same principle, in  2051, Muslims won't represent 35 % of the whole population, but maybe 23,2 % (I consider here just the Muslims obtained from the present Muslim population. I exclude the ones who will have immigrated to France between 2016 and 2051). To avoid underestimating the figure, let's say it will be 25 %.

Thus, before 2051, we can just take into account the 16,6 % (11 million) who will be 25 years old in 2031 (that is 15 years from now). So, during the next 35 years, birth rate will add only 1,6 % to the  general count.  9 or 12 million Muslims will have to be added by immigration in order to have 30-35 % of Muslims. And it will take 45 or 60 years to do this.

But after 35 years (in 2051), we need to take into account the fact that with their high birth rate alone, Muslims will be 25% (16.6 million). In 2051, 7 million Muslims will have immigrated to France (that is 10.7 % of the present French population). So, in 2051, that is in 35 years, Muslims will be 35.7 % of the population and Jewish leaders will have achieved their goal in France.

But, regarding this problem of birth rate, we must consider the fact that the one of Arabs has decreased over the years. It is quite low now. And when they are in Europe, it's even lower. It becomes close to the one of European people. So, maybe Muslims won't represent 25 % of the French population in 2051; but only 20-21 %. Let's say it will be 21 %, that is 13.65 million. Then, it could postpone the achievement of the Jewish leaders' agenda of 5 or 10 years.

There is also the problem that Jewish leaders can't start the war too soon, once the rate of 30-35 % has been obtained. They need to make the rise of the Muslims in politics happening in quite good conditions (it must be accepted by European people), before degenerating. So, they will need at last 5 or 10 years before making things degenerate. And the rise of Muslims in politics is conditioned by their number. So, the takeover of European countries by Muslim parties could take even longer.

As Germany has less Muslims than France, we can think that the process of getting to 30-35 % of Muslims will take a longer time there. And it will be the case also in Italy. So, the process could take even longer at the European level.

But we can think Jewish leaders have another trick in their hat in order to accelerate the process of invasion. They will probably make European countries accept the adhesion of Turkey to Europe. Then, it will be easy for Jewish leaders to explain a mass arrival of Muslims in Europe (legally and illegally).

And they will also justify the increase of Muslims in Europe with the conversion of some white Europeans.

So instead of 40-45 years or even 50-55 years, I see more a time of 30-35 years before Jewish leaders are able to achieve their goal of having 30-35 % of Muslims in France, Germany, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands (that is, the countries which I think will be on the Islamic side during World War 3).

- The rise of Muslims in politics

It's the same thing regarding the rise of Muslim parties in those countries. As they are almost inexistent for now, it will need also 25 or 35 years for them to be able to take the power. It will take at least 10 years for passing from nonexistent to something like 3 or 4 %. Then, it will take 10 more years for getting to 10 or 15 %. And finally 5 or 10 more years to reach 35 or 40 %.

- The increase of the rate of Hispanic people in the USA

Regarding the rate of Hispanic people in the USA, a rate of 35 % will probably be enough. In 2013, there were already 17 % of Hispanic people in the USA (53 millions). And 1 million more comes each year. So, it would take 53 years to have 35 %.

But, maybe Jewish leaders will use the same trick they used with Arabs. If some countries of South America fall into chaos, it will be used to justify an increase of the number of Hispanic people coming to the USA.

And maybe Jewish leaders don't need to have 35 %. Maybe 25 % is enough; the goal being to have a kind of secession of certain states.

And there will probably be an alliance between Blacks and Hispanics. So, as there are 12 % of African American in the USA, a rate of 25 % maybe enough. Then the goal could be achieved in only 20-25 years.

- The sexual perversion of society

About the sexual perversion of society, it's difficult to estimate, because we don't know at what level Jewish leaders will consider it sufficient.

As evoked in a previous article, it seems they want to impose several sexual perversions like incest, pedophilia, sex between children, public nakedness, public orgies, and so on… The goal being to have two completely opposite sides in Europe: the tyrannical but not perverted Islamic side and the completely perverted but democratic White side.

The problem is pedophilia or incest and other perversions are so contrary to our present mores that they will be probably very difficult to impose. Or, it will take a very long time to do it; maybe 50 or 60 years. It seems it would be extremely difficult to force people to adopt those habits in only 30 or 35 years.

And the other goals will be completed at this moment. And in the order of importance, they most probably prevail over this objective of perversion. So, Jewish leaders will probably settle for an incomplete achievement regarding this goal. As they control both sides, it doesn't matter too much if the level of perversion is not total. Their Islamic puppets will consider it as enough to declare war to White European democracies.

It seems also that Jewish leaders will try to impose some kind of satanic movements. Here again, it will take a lot of time to obtain such a thing. So, here too, Jewish leaders will probably settle for an incomplete achievement.

Maybe Jewish leaders have other tricks in their pocket regarding the four addressed points. So, maybe I am wrong and the process will be shorter than expected. But, even if I am too optimistic, I don't see this happening before at least 20-25 years. 10 years is clearly way too short for achieving their agenda. 15 years is still too short also. 20 years is more possible. But I think it still doesn't give them enough time to fulfill their objectives. So, I think the war won't happen before at least 25 years.

But, if things happen as I think they will, the process will take more or less 30-35 years.

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