lundi 18 juillet 2016

The Brexit

Some weeks ago, I predicted that England would stay White during World War III (that is, they won't fall on the Islamic side to the contrary of France, Germany, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands). I think the Brexit is consistent with this idea. It was a necessary step to justify this situation.

 Europe just before World War III. As you see on this map I made, England will be on the White side (in white), not the Islamic one (in red).

With England leaving the European Union, it will be easier for Jewish leaders to justify English laws preventing more massive immigration and thus, to justify ultimately that this country won't fall on the Muslim side

So, of course, the result of the Brexit wasn't a result of the free will of English people. It was falsified so Jewish leaders get what they want.

If Jewish leader hadn't wanted the Brexit, it would have never been discussed in the first place. And of course, there would never have been a referendum. Also, you wouldn't have seen those Illuminati artists, actors, singers, etc.., defending the Brexit (people like Michael Caine, John Cleese, Roger Daltrey, Elizabeth Hurley). The secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, John Whittingdale, a member of the English government (which is anti-Brexit), would never have dared to make pro-Brexit declarations. Those guys did that because they were ordered to do so.

The false death of Jo Cox (a complete hoax of course) was ordered by Jewish leaders in order to introduce confusion in the mind of conspirationists (that is, people who think). It is very important for Jewish leaders to avoid at all cost that those people understand the real goal of all this. They made those people wrongly think it was a false flag made to convince English people to vote against the Brexit; this because the Illuminati or the Jewish leaders want a one world government. The emphasis in the conspirationist sphere was put on the similarity with the death of Anna Lindh in order to reinforce this idea of a false flag conceived to make the anti-Brexit side wins (see here for example).

Finally, with the victory of the Brexit, those people will think that the Illuminati/Jewish leaders don't control everything and that people can rebel against them with success. They don't understand that Jewish leaders in fact wanted the Brexit to happen. It's a part of their plan for World War 3. And, above all, they still don't understand that everything is staged from the beginning to the end, and that there is nothing like free political movements and famous guys (actors, singers, politicians…) being on the side of the population, or Jewish leaders leaving elections results to chance. They keep their naïve idea that with a little bit of good will from people, and with the help of the few honest politicians, things will be able to change.

I haven't been able to predict the Brexit with certainty before it happens because my reflection about England staying White was too recent. This week, I scented that it would be possible. But, as I think we are still far away from the war, and as the possible result wasn't sure, I thought it was possible that the referendum was a first step toward the real Brexit. So, I wasn't completely sure about what would happen, even if in my opinion the Brexit was very possible. With that in mind, the result doesn't surprise me at all. It's completely logical.

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