jeudi 9 juin 2016

How the European war events will take place

So world war 3 in Europe will be mainly a fight between the West and the East side of Europe, at least at the beginning. After that, UK will probably intervene, with the help of the USA.

In fact, it will be quite like World War II, but this time, with France on the same side than Germany and Italy. And it will be as phony and staged as WWII, with Jewish leaders controlling each side and each event from the beginning to the end.

The map of Europe just before world war III

What countries will be invaded first by Islamic forces? We can think some countries of the Balkans will be the first ones to fall. It will allow Jewish leaders to present this as just a Balkan war, so not something involving a more global one. It will be presented as local problems between Bulgaria and Serbia; Bosnia and Croatia; Montenegro and Albania; and Italy and Slovenia, something like that. It will allow Jewish leader to justify the fact that Germany, Ukraine, Russia or Poland don't intervene yet.

We can think that Jewish leaders will organize another Balkan war before that (maybe two). Thus, people will be used to see wars in this area. It then won't surprise them to see a new one.

In pink, countries invaded by Islamic countries

After that, serious things will begin. For whatever reason, some Muslim countries will declare war to Austria and Hungary, or vice versa. It will probably be because of the war in the Balkans. Then, because of alliances, everything will degenerate. Germany and Ukraine will intervene with Italy, and will invade Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. Russia will be out of the conflict at this moment (otherwise it would be more difficult for the Muslim side to win against those little countries). For what reason? I don't know. Maybe it will be busy on the south against Islamic countries. So, Jewish leaders will justify the inaction of Russia with this reason.

I think it will be like that because otherwise, the White side would be too powerful. But with all those countries already invaded before the confrontation against Russia, it will be better balanced.

Maybe Denmark will be invaded too at this occasion (or will remain neutral).

So, we can think we will have something like that.

Then Russia and other countries like Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Romania, Finland, and Norway will declare war against the Islamic countries. Probably that, at the beginning, the Eastern countries will lose, in order to install a dramatic tension about the end of the European civilization. So it is possible that Belarus, Lithuania, Romania, and Moldova be invaded. Maybe Finland will be defeated by Sweden, in order to have the latter involved into the war. Greece could also be invaded (by Turkey for example).

Then, we will have the following map.

But, then, Russia will begin to win, and will take back Finland, Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania.

After that, they will invade Poland, Moldova, Romania, Hungary and Slovakia.

It will be the beginning of the end for the Islamic side. This is probably at this moment that England and the USA will invade France (either from Spain or directly with a marine assault).

So, before the total recapture of Europe by the White forces, we will have something like that.

Soon after that, Europe will become totally free of Muslims. Arabs and Blacks will either be killed or deported to Africa and Middle-East. Europe will be once again 99 % white. And as Israel will have fought with the White side, Europeans will applaud to the creation of the Greater Israel. So, Jewish leaders will have achieved their goal of creating the Greater Israel, and this, with the approval of the majority of European people.

Once again, this is only estimations. As the plan of Jewish leaders is known only by them, we can't be sure about how the things are going to happen exactly. So, maybe in the future my opinion will change more or less regarding the evolution of the European war.

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